KovaDx uses 3D Quantitative Phase imaging to obtain data about cells.
This data is used in our proprietary deep learning model to build diagnostic tools.
Our platform can be applied to sickle cell disease, malaria and blood cancers.


Real Lives - Real People - Real Help

Our Mission

Today, many patients with sickle cell (who are mostly in the African American, and Hispanic communities) spend up to a million dollars in total healthcare costs by the age of 45 years. Frequent hospital visits and hospitalization also affects the total lifetime earnings of sickle cell disease patients. KovaDx is making the diagnosis and monitoring of sickle cell disease patients faster, easier to perform, and more affordable.

We believe that regardless of income or circumstances of birth, no one should have to forgo healthcare due to a lack of resources. Starting with Sickle Cell Disease, our vision is to apply our proprietary 3D phase imaging microscope and deep learning algorithms to solve the world’s biggest global health problems including sickle cell, malaria, and blood cancers.

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